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Height adjustable bathtub

TR 1700 är designat för begränsade utrymmen utan att ge vika för funktion och kvalitét.

Smidigt höj-och sänkbart badkar. Ergonomiskt och platssparande, idealiskt för sjukhus, vårdhem och privathem.

TR 1700

TR 1700 Height adjustable bath, in any color you want!

TR 1700 in black (RAL 9005) installed in a private home in London, UK. 

For additional information regarding customized colors please contact your TR representative.


Bathing is relaxing for both body and mind. It improves residents well being, is favorable for skin therapy and provides calming experiences and effects.

Size vs. space

The size makes it possible to place even in bathrooms with limited space without sacrificing function, efficiency or comfort.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment for an ergonomic work enviroment for attendant.

Patient Lifts

Suitable to use with the TR 9650 Bath Chair Lift or other Patient Lifts, mobile or ceiling hoist systems.

Safe height adjustment

Convenient and safe height adjustment thanks to double actuators.

Hand control

Hand control for height adjustments.

Hygienic emptying

Hygienic emptying of the bath with pop-up drainage.

Adjustable feet

Adjustable feet ease placement and improves safety.

Shepherds Crook

Shepherds Crook for shower hose to comply with UK regulations regarding Category 5 back flow prevention (Options).
Product only available at UK retailers.   Product only available at UK retailers.

TMV Brassware

Can be equipped with different brassware, TMV2/3 and WRAS approved, for the UK market depending on the application.
Product only available at UK retailers.   Product only available at UK retailers.


Thermostat for shower and bathtub filling.


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